salt vaults beneath houston filled with explosive gas, the oceans filling with microscopic plastic.

what is real?

who is mad?

i got an 8 gig thumb drive,

plastic and metal, filled with human creativity, here today, gone tomorrow; carpe diem but plastic lasts as good as forever

is that it for us?


scary halloween

halloween is especially for kids. had dinner at knl’s. chloe out with sammy. pippin all excited. earlier, at grounded, scott made freeman a ghost costume.

‘two-pronged response’

‘As the global population surpasses 7 billion people sometime around the end of October, addressing the challenges associated with a still-growing world population will require a two-pronged response. The combined measures of empowering women to make their own decisions about childbearing and significantly reducing global consumption of energy and natural resources would move humanity toward rather than further away from environmentally sustainable societies that meet human needs.’


too complex?

am i complex system, relative to my society, my friends, my family, my partner, myself? too complex? am i subject to diminishing returns? which i experience as frustrations and none-sense, others as arrogance, elitism? do i require huge amounts of energy? is my appetite for energy growing, outstripping supply?

how  is complexity related to emergence (isn’t emergence used to label how complex, unpredictable results come out of the interaction of simpler systems?) and to big history (doesn’t big history provide a cognitive framework (a model that only attempts; otherwise, a simulation as large as  the universe would be required), as well as explain how complexity arises in entropic systems?)? what happened to chaos theory?

‘Growing to a Maturity of Heart’

‘It takes time to grow to a maturity of the heart. Little by little, as we live and work with others, especially if we are well-guided, we learn to break out of the shell of selfishness and self-centredness where we seek to be brilliant and to prove our goodness, wisdom and power. We receive and give the knocks of life. We all have to discover that there are others like us who have gifts and needs; no one of us is the centre of the world. We are a small but important part in our universe. We all have a part to play. We need one another.’

– Jean Vanier, Becoming Human, pp. 58-59

crisis? what crisis?

…furthermore, have you noticed a complacency, a misguided or uninformed busyness, like people are wearing blinders, like they’re sunning themselves while things fall apart around them, saying crisis? what crisis? (a supertramp album, circa 1975)? i don’t have a solution but to try to love everyone while being my self. and since i’m not good at either, i’m not too worried! or should i be? 🙂