cutting down trees

sue and i went to a town meeting tonight. we sat at the back. julie joined us. it was quiet for a while. good thing i brought my book. then it got really interesting when a councilor (pat file) and the deputy mayor (stephan kramp) opposed development without a site plan. i wrote them a letter. (other mentionables include councilor bob jeffreys; wes crown, chief town planner; and tim tully, naturalist and head of awenda prov pk; he wanted to speak tonight but had a prior engagement.)

dear pat and stephan,

thank you.

okay, i admit it. i’m a treehugger, i guess. i spent nearly twenty years in business, but deep down (and through and through) i’m a treehugger, really (surprise!)

however, i also know when due process needs to be followed. and you’re right: there’s no site plan. no site plan means poor decision. some thing could be missed. overlooked. under-valued.

and something’s being rushed, like the truth. no site plan speaks of a lack of planning. really, wes crown should know better.

it takes a long time to grow a tree, and in life and death it shelters and feeds birds and mosses and many other organisms. cut down a tree and it’s gone for generations. you can always pave paradise, if not this year, then next. what’s the rush?

meanwhile migratory birds might have one more flock to raise. that’s a bad thing? i’m more worried where they’re going to go after the trees are gone. is that in the site plan?

but i fear councilor jeffreys and the many who voted for him are myopic. they don’t see that the environment is not ‘out there’ to be commodotized. it’s everywhere, including councilor jeffreys. and i learned first-hand thru ‘out of the cold’ we’re all connected.

but he too and many others also fear. they fear sending the wrong message, that midland is not business-friendly (tho i fear that midland *is* business-friendly sends the wrong message).

i want to hear tim tully speak. probably, it won’t stop trees from being razed and birds fighting for a new nesting site and paradise being paved and humans losing out, this time, but it might change a few hearts. this time.

i bought a house on norene street, but by the time i moved in, my back yard neighbour, norman’s, had cut down trees. i see it again and again. mss. little lake. now this. do we have to grow economically just to stay alive? can’t we grow in other ways, in our hearts, in our compassion? or am i barking up the wrong tree?

i’m not a tree-hugger or even so much an environmentalist. i’m a realist, and the reality is what goes around comes around. nature, including humanity, moves in cycles. (it also appears to move linearally; put them together and what do you get? bippity-boppity-boo? no, a helix. now, where have i seen that before? but i digress. oh, that’s the end. almost.)

the cc’s? cuz sue and julie were with me; i won’t put words in their mouths, tho. my kids? cuz it’s their town, their future, too. and i’m their dad. also, cady’s worked for tim tully.

the end



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