the point of no return?

…was the grand island bridge, a mile above niagara falls. july ninth, 1960. things looked deceptively calm, but the locals knew otherwise. so should have jim honeycutt, piloting a small outboard with roger woodward, 7, and his sister deanne, 17. the propeller hit a rock. jim tried to row. the boat flipped. deanne was saved by john haynes and john quattrochi 6 m from the edge of the falls, but roger and jim went over, jim to his death.

cop 17 is almost finished. negotiators stayed up all night but failed to reach an agreement. emay writes, ‘Media stories of leaving here with nothing are premature. The realization that we will leave here with something that is better than nothing but inadequate to the threat is sinking in.’ have we reached the point of no return? who will die?


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