cop17 in durban day 12–the end, or only the beginning?

as sue pointed out, the most important news in the world is on page 31 of the star, but you can read it here, and follow the links elsewhere

  • sudden-death overtime–very exciting–it’s like the canada-russia series, but better (if you care)
  • in this power-packed video, emay explains a lot: the spin on ‘ethical oil’, the ideology of stephen harper, what the majority of canadians (61% did not vote conserative) want, tar sands and the environment, ‘dutch disease’, subsidies, the global future of talks (even without canada, for now)
  • Human Rights Day underscores the urgency of COP17
  • KAIROS and durban blog–good reading, despite the typos
  • i’m following OT stuff on twitter; sue’s reading comments: sad, but funny
  • COP17: Talks stumble toward uncertain end–A draft global pact on climate change has boosted UN talks, already deep into overtime, but negotiators are worried it’s a little too late.
  • scorecard (as of saturday morning):
    • the basics
      • brazil–willing to accept a legally binding deal to cut emissions
      • south africa–alf wills–willing to accept a legally binding deal to cut emissions
      • india–Mpanu-Mpanu said it was unfair to ostracise India which had to consider the development needs of its people: the EU’s per capita emissions were about 10 times that of India’s; also, if India is a deal-breaker, what is the US? Wills: India was not necessarily against the idea of a legally binding treaty, but “it can’t make an announcement now without knowing the content of what that [future] agreement will look like,” he said.
      • china–would, in principle, accept a legally binding agreement after 2020 — provided certain conditions were met
    • the eu–Connie Hedegaard–roadmap, which sets out targets and timelines en route to a legally binding agreement — to be signed by 2015 — which will require both developed and developing countries to commit to emission cuts after 2020.
    • africa group–Tosi Mpanu-Mpanu
    • the asis (the Alliance of Small Island States)–with the EU saying they were ready to “undertake concrete obligations to manage the climate change challenge”
    • the ldc (the Least Developed Countries)–with the EU saying they were ready to “undertake concrete obligations to manage the climate change challenge”
    • usa–tony stern–has refused to accept any emission targets unless developing economies such as China and India do the same.
    • canada–peter kent–irrelevant
    • japan? russia?–following canada’s lead and bailing too?
    • “…common but differentiated responsibilities”–the UNFCCC belief that although all countries need to take action to reduce emissions, developing countries should have different targets, depending on their ability to cut emissions, as they do not have the financial and technological ability to do so and because high rates of poverty make development — which is often carbon intensive — a priority.
    • In the long run, this situation [kyoto] is untenable as it places no obligations on the countries that emit around 80% of the world’s emissions to reduce their outputs. Developing nations are eager for a second period but there is growing consensus that any future agreement should require both developed and developing countries to make sacrifices.
    • Support for the creation of the Green Climate Fund, which will bankroll programmes to help poor countries prepare for and deal with the effects of climate change, has been near unanimous but negotiators are still discussing ways to fill the fund in the long-term.
  • COP17 commitments threaten to be a lame duck–EU climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard has stepped up warnings that if major economies do not compromise, a Durban deal may be out of reach.
  • stay tuned….

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