rona’s last day

after wonderful oatmeal pancakes, cuz of treacherous conditions, i stayed home, which turns out was a doubleplusgood thing since jim-from-rogers came by and upgraded our modem and router which is a tripleplusbad thing cuz now i can’t connect but i have an emergency back-up plan and here i am which is a four-by-four-plusgood thing

but sue ventured out–a doubleplusgood thing–and got ground, fair trade coffee from grounded, ‘ecofriendly’ (but poorly labeled) de-icer from home hdwr, and our weekly tei kei box from karma–turns out it’s rona’s last day. her six-month contract ends. jenn, whose twelve-month contract ends in six months, has big shoes to fill.

cuz i’m snow-bound, sue brought back a treat!


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