think locally and carry a big chainsaw

the biggest story on the planet got buried in canada, unlike the tar sands, but you can read about here.

locally, some folks don’t see anything wrong with cutting down trees.  that’s how i found out our town has no policy to replace trees.

all this economic planning don’t mean a thing in a concrete jungle (and, if you’re keeping score, concrete and pavement generate carbon and add to water and soil degradation; trees sequester carbon, trap  water, and build-up fertile soil–all free! last i checked, free is good.).

google ‘awenda ontario map’ (or go here)–make sure you have it on ‘Satellite’ view, not ‘Map’ view, and see for yourself. down here, at eye level, it looks like we got lots of trees, but the bird’s eye view says different. you’d think no self-respecting bird would land here, let alone try to raise a family here. but they do. and we’re all the better for it.

to call it a ‘tweety bird’ is like calling an african-american a nigger. it denigrates, and literally paves the way for more exploitation, i mean, development. and it’s not just birds that benefit from the trees; whole ecosystems, and casual passers by like you and me, and gawrsh! the trees themselves benefit.

every tree is precious. but you don’t know what you’ve got ’til its gone. and sometimes tipping points are sudden, not gradual. like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

don’t think it can happen? where’s the passenger pidgeon? the cod? look how perilous we are with acid rain and dutch elm disease. do you know how tenuous things are with bananas?

we decree that scrubby, second growth trees are not fit for living? when’s the last time you saw a mature chestnut? where would we be without the christmas tree, the maple tree, or oxygen?


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