Three years ago, folk songstress Jane Siberry sold her Toronto dream house, her musical instruments, and other possessions as she transformed herself into the artist known as Issa. Three weeks ago [in nov/09], Issa changed her name back to Jane Siberry with the release of her latest album, With What Shall I Keep Warm? Siberry doesn’t say much about retrofitting her identity; she’d rather talk about how she’s someone who redefines the way independent artists make a living. The A.V. Club talked to Siberry about it anyway….

The A.V. Club: You changed your name back to Jane Siberry. What’s the reason for that?

Jane Siberry: Yes. It was time, you know? I was Issa for three years.

AVC: So what happened to Issa?

JS: Issa is, I guess, just a name I had for three years. And now I’m Jane Siberry post-Issa.

AVC: How is post-Issa Jane Siberry different from pre-Issa Jane Siberry?

JS: Moving into Issa, I didn’t know if I’d be in the music business any more. I just started writing. I wanted to let go of any expectations and just try to get closer to what I heard in my head. The music is maybe different, but it would have been different anyway as Jane Siberry. I probably used fewer words….


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