paradox, humour, change–and modeling time as a helix

you just gotta laugh, cuz there’s change at every turn–every answer brings more questions and finality more wonder

just when you hit bottom, there are more layers

god/dess is both known and unknown

faith is both seeing and believing

the 7 attitudes [fcl]–each has a valued antonym:

  1. non-judgment–there is a time to judge
  2. non-striving–there is a time to strive
  3. letting go–there is a time to hang on
  4. patience–there is a time to want it now
  5. acceptance–there is a time to refuse
  6. trust–there is a time to question
  7. beginner’s mind–there is a time for experience

do everything, turn, turn, turn–we can be (almost, but not quite) free of gravity, but we are also prisoners of time, which circles, cycles, endlessly, as well as moves linearily, forming a helix. tho we may try, we cannot step in the same river twice. but the pattern may be the same….


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