thoughts and emotions

‘if you meet god on the road, kill it!’

i didn’t meet god, but last night i killed the dalai lama.

and paul ekman, too.

both are authors of emotional awareness, a book i got last year for christmas 2010; very powerful; i learned lots, like, emotions are more primal and faster than thoughts.

but last night i learned something new, from an OT who’s worked 20 years in psychosocial rehab, that thoughts influence behaviours which influence action which influence thoughts and round and round

but i know it doesn’t have to be an endless circle; it, like our planet, like life itself, can move in a helix.

i know i didn’t kill the dalai lama, just my own illusion about what he thinks about thoughts and emotions. i still cling to laughing is his favourite thing to do. that’ll do me for the year.


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