‘the real historians’

‘…. not like the american southwest … where the real historians lived out on the mesas and came in to the bars on saturday nights.’ kingbird highway 71

i suppose he means natives, who, while creating history–aren’t we all?–aren’t trained in it. who, then, are the real historians?



‘like a leaf floating in a creek, i might be stalled briefly in a backwater eddy, but eventually the flow would pick me up and sweep me on downstream–toward my destination.’ kingbird highway 62

books on library shelves

i love books and libraries, but when i picture my book, collecting dust on a library shelf, i get depressed, not motivated. besides, timothy findley thought books could change the world, until he published not wanted on the voyage. instead, i see myself as a modern-day cassandra, speaking my truth, but few listening. but rather than hide it, i’ll blog. maybe someday, while i’m collecting dust but electrons are still keeping my words intact, my thoughts may inspire others. or they may not.

funny thing–a few thousand books depress me, but the billions of years ahead of us give me hope. right now, i mean right NOW, i’m warm and dry and satiated and breathing and alive and filled with gratitude.

futility? nihilism? hardly. healing. i’m on the road to find out.  we’re all connected, yet paradoxically i’m alone; everyone experiences birth and death and in between alienation by him- or herself.

think about it–the unexamined life may not be worth living, but is the examined life any better? once we’re on this road of bliss and blisters, we may have no choice but to stop and turn back. and who wants to do that?

language and aboriginal treaty rights

  • cbc: Why treaty rights are worth fighting for–April 19, 1971–have things changed in 40 years? 400?
  • Canada in the Making–treaties and laws
  • did you know, according to ethnolgue, canada has over 90 languages, most of them aboriginal? a language is the spoken embodiment of a culture, a unique point of view. once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. unique in the enture universe.  no jurassic park dna technology can bring it back. languages and cultures, confronted by mcdisney, are going extinct faster than mammals or birds or amphibians–some say 50% will be lost by the end of the century. treaties between peoples are supposed to protect one’s language, one’s culture, one’s sense of identity. the huron carol married the cultures of two continents in 1643, but it wasn’t for nearly 350 years that marriage was celebrated.