pipelines everywhere and not a drop to drink

if you think attawapiskat and nunavut sovereignty aren’t related to oil, think again. after all, the inuit and dene, like environmentalists, are radicals and have no place in ottawa. the keystone, northern gateway, and alberta-bc pipelines carry oil and gas for humans, yet affect many other species.

david suzuki reminds us that ‘most of the world’s creatures live in the ocean. And our three oceans support some of the most abundant and diverse webs of marine life on Earth.’

he notes that ‘even though humans live on land, we still depend on the ocean to stay alive. Half of the world’s oxygen is produced by tiny plankton living in the ocean. But our sea life is at risk of contamination from oil and chemical spills — oil tankers ply our waters, and oil rigs operate offshore.’

yet harper wants to increase the risk and allow more pipelines–‘kiss the babies, shake hands with the fellows, and it’s open for business like a cheap bordello’ sings our prophet, bruce cockburn. now we find the environmental process is too long and in danger of being hijacked by foreign–not taliban, not al quaeda–environmentalists! oh my! what’s the world coming to?


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