youth abroad

in a few weeks my niece (almost 19) is off to haiti ( my youngest daughter (almost 17) is off to europe next month. and then my cousin (17) goes to kenya this summer. she writes, ‘on August 5, 2012, I begin a 3-week life-changing journey to Kenya with the Me to We volunteer trips.  Me to We works with the charity Free the Children to adopt and support a village with the goal of making it sustainable. On this trip I will help build a new school and work on water projects based on the voice of the local community. I will be part of a new way of life, much different from North America, and will witness the everyday struggles that many face in their daily lives that some of us, including myself, take for granted- like fresh water and education. I know in return I will find new insights into the struggles that our own culture experiences, such as over consumption.

Although I am somewhat shy, the possibility of this trip has really caused me to want to make a change, and take action in the world. One goal of Me to We is to create a network I can “rely on for life long active global citizenship”. This may be just one school I will help build, but I also feel awareness is the first step to being part of a caring and equal world.’ if you want to help financially, go to she continues, ‘To show my thanks, on my return from Kenya, I will be holding a cultural night to share a presentation that highlights inspiring moments of Kenyan life. I will also send out a newsletter. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email, or check out the web site: Nakutakia kila la heri (Thank you in Swahili)’

there’s a video!

another cousin (29) spent some time in kiev, is in beijing this year, and goes to indonesia this summer. last month, we had katimavik kids from across the country come out to a potluck and hear mike nickerson talk about sustainability.

the future is in good hands


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