frustrated planner

i’m a frustrated planner. that is, i’m a frustrated wannabe planner, an idealist, who looks at the severn sound environmental plan, looks at kyoto, looks at plans and says, yeah, this could work, easy peasy in fact, if we all pull together.

but we don’t. maybe something better’ll come along. or unexpected. or maybe people don’t want saving. a hundred years ago, after they hit the iceberg, passengers on the titanic pointed to the word ‘unsinkable’ in the brochure, refused to get in a lifeboat, and went down with the ship. darwin award en masse. are we any different as a culture, as a species?

what keeps you from being frustrated by our, i dunno, blindness? stupidity? sheer obstinacy? or by your version of reality, which may be stronger than mine?

for me, right now, it’s letting go, a kind of surrender, an acceptance, a long, long-term patience, a kind of trust, a suspension of striving and judgment (themes i meditate on), trying to adopt a beginner’s mind, whatever that is–wonder? openness?–a shrug, faith in science that (a) we’ve still got a long way to go, and (b) life, consciousness, hasn’t finished evolving; life will go on…

some of my elders who have been questing a long time–like paul chefurka–offer a bit of perspective. patience. thing is, i can afford to be philosophical–i’m not tortured, or threatened, or living on filth. but what can i do, should i do? maybe i’m doing it. i think i need a thicker skin, too. doesn’t go well with trust, tho….


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