is everything for sale?

is everything for sale? in the conservative world does everything hve a price? i grew up with canlit, with pierre berton and margaret atwood,  i know who mel hurtig is, largely cuz of, claims martin knelman in the toronto star, jack mcclelland. but sold 25% of m&s to the americans (random house) and gave 75% to the u of t 12 years ago. this week, random house bought the rest. canlit, jack’s nationalistic dream, seems dead. or is it? what about jack’s predecessors like the ncl (oops–he helped start that–‘In celebration of the series’ fiftieth anniversary, McClelland & Stewart is proud to announce the relaunch of the New Canadian Library. Begun in 1958 by Jack McClelland and Malcolm Ross, the NCL was the first paperback series dedicated solely to Canadian literature….’), or his successors like uh, um…. what about me, and folks like me, raised on the nice, patriotic fervour of canlit, pierre trudeau, and the ’72 canada-russia hockey series? was jack planting seeds to still be harvested? still, canlit has a price on the world market, eh? esp’ly under globalization and the fed cons. mcdisney pressures include the internet (can you say amazon?), a non-reading public, declining dollars…. i guess it’s already sold.


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