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Elizabeth May writes ‘I strongly oppose the Northern Gateway Project and the overturning of our moratorium on oil tankers on the British Columbia coastline.

This moratorium disallowing tanker ships from entering the coast of B.C. has existed since 1972 and has resulted in the conservation of B.C’s coastal ecosystems and prevention of oil spills. If the Northern Gateway pipeline is approved, there will a serious risk of oil spills risking the livelihoods of coastal communities. In December 2010, the Government’s own Commissioner for the Environment reported that Canada does not have the proper tools to respond to an oil spill.

The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline requires 1200 kilometres of pipeline to be built through First Nations land and B.C. wilderness including the Great Bear Rainforest and other protected areas. The complete disregard for the Government’s relationship with First Nations communities has been disrespectful. As well, a pipeline this size cannot proceed without a proper process of environmental and economic assessment as well as community consultation. The Harper Government has prejudged the environmental assessment and seems bound and determined to demonize those of us opposed to the pipeline as “foreign radicals.”

You can read my open letter to the Hon Joe Oliver at http://elizabethmaymp.ca/news/blogs/2012/01/09/an-open-letter-to-joe-oliver/.  In addition, you can sign the petition opposing the Northern Gateway Pipeline at http://elizabethmaymp.ca/wp-content/uploads/Northern-Gateway-Pipeline-Petition.pdf. In order for this petition to be presented to the House of Commons, it must be printed single sided and have a minimum of 25 signatures. Please mail back to my Parliament Hill office at which point I will then present the petition to the House of Commons in an effort to stop this project.


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