severn sound watershed

the severn sound watershed includes orillia, midland, penetang, six townships, fn reserves, provincial, and federal authorities. and those are just human legislative bodies. and they all desire growth. but is growth good? good thing there’s a plan!

most see growth, especially white, economic growth, as good; however, ‘the watershed is under pressure from growth.
This growth may lead to a significant impact on
the quality of life, the ecological balance, and
the economic prosperity of the area if not
carefully managed.   In addition to the
municipalities, there are many government and
non‐government organizations and community
members who have interest and responsibility
to ensure the continued health of our
watershed.  By coordinating our efforts in this
Sustainability Plan, we can ensure that the
watershed is protected for today, and into the

the vision of the plan is ‘by 2050, the Severn Sound Watershed will contain a network of communities that have
achieved a sustainable quality of life for all
citizens by developing a common culture of
environmental, economic and social balance.’

the plan goes on to outline pillars, goals, strategies, and objectives to realize this vision in forty years.

but is human development sustainable, or is that an oxymoron? the good news is that things are changing–things that were unimaginable forty years ago, even four years ago.


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