water and oil mix, at least in canada

and we’re not talking balsamic vinaigrette. we’re talking toxic sludge in tailings ponds that leak into the athabaska river that flows into the mackenzie river that flows into the arctic ocean that flows ultimately through the hydrologic cycle through you. this mix kills. arsenic, mercury, PAHs, and many other carcinogenic compounds exceed the natural levels.

we watched the doc h2oil, about the ill effects of oil production in canada, specifically the tar sands in n alberta. although the film is over two years old, it’s still pertinent. in fact, with rising world-wide increases in human population and consumption, the fate of oil and water–h2oil–the fate of all of us is MORE relevant.

oh, and pipelines too.

although nobody in the film says it, or even implies it, i think it’s clear: we’re racist. and short-sighted. and addicted.

but there’s hope, too. we may be disconnected–which gives rise to our racism, myopia, and addiction–but we’re not stupid. once we get it, once we see the connections, we wise up. so it’s a mix of dancing and damning, old and new, circle and line, somehow even oil and water.

okay, you can wrap it there, or you can read on. this is like the extra features part of the dvd.  this where the real fun starts…


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