tnr–the nature reader, edited by daniel halpern & dan frank

poems, essays, fiction and fact about nature, from a late 20th/ early 21st century perspective

  1. preface
  2. death of a naturalist by seamus heaney
  3. the nature writer’s dilemma by john hay
  4. the sea is history by derek walcott
  5. forever virgin: the american view of america by noel perrin
  6. a world of infinite variety by ann zwinger
  7. in praise of john muir by edward hoagland
  8. st. helena’s by julia blackburn
  9. man, the sky, and the elephant: on pliny’s natural history  by italo calvino (patrick creagh trans.)
  10. all hallows by louise gluck
  11. landscape, history, and the pueblo imagination by leslie marmon silko
  12. ‘stalking with stories’: names, places, and moral narratives among the western apaches by keith h. basso
  13. the gifts by richard k. nelson
  14. the ecology of magic by david abram
  15. the green man by john fowles
  16. enduring seeds–the sacred lotus and the common bean by gary nabhan

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