Peter’s Daily Blurb

i thought of limiting this blog to one post a day, but then i thought of the many purposes this blog serves:

  • daily journal–a sort-of public on-line journal, which feeds both my facebook and twitter accounts
  • legacy for my kids, and anyone else who wants a primary source from the early 21st century
  • quotes
  • themes
  • finds
  • therapy
  • brain farts
  • community-builder–but it turns out that while there are lurkers, there are few commentators building community–so i turn to the old-fashioned coffee shop and the public library

why limit it? why not start another? so i did. «double vision», which was up to 80 posts a month before i off-loaded demand to frequent blurbs, has become a best-of weekly retrospective. but i post to frequent blurbs whenever i feel like it and time allows, sometimes five or six times a day–a fact brought home as i waded thru my drivel compiling ‘must read‘.


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