tom cruise and the blues

had oatmeal pancakes cooked by sue with bananas and maple syrup. went to gc and talked with pat and bruce primarily about urban farming–bees, chickens, edible trees and plants in your front yard, gardens on your roof; morgan wants to study eng at u of g; his gf has top grades at mss; there was a fight at a ‘burn your umbrellas’ concert at winterama. met with sarah about twitter and fth; tried scott’s new concoction of peaberry espresso and hot water, which he calls a tom cruise cuz it’s short–i had two in addition to the guatamalan dark–i was flying! sue and i went to orillia and saw a mariposa blues concert–An Evening of Blues and Gospel with Chris Whiteley on guitar, trumpet, harmonica, and vocals, Diana Braithwaite on vocals, John Dickey on guitar, harmonica, and vocals, Amoy Levy on vocals and tambourine, Lance Anderson (host) on piano and vocals, Russ Boswell on a ’61 jazz-like hofner bass and a string bass, and Bucky Berger on drums


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