jane, part 2

this assumes you read my previous post and you know it refers to jane jetson. okay, i don’t believe in the rapture (that a few party in heaven and the rest of us–the 99.99%–suffer eternal damnation), nor do i think the world will end tomorrow–tho i suspect many of us are eligible for the darwin awards. some of us golidilockers aren’t too smart for our own good and will survive whatever, be it an apocalypse or cataclysm or correction or even disco. abba, however….

don’t pay attention to me too much, my doom-n-gloom, for i have human foibles and a brain injury. however, i’m learning to laugh, first of all at myself, then maybe at old cartoons. and i’m learning to trust and a bunch of other stuff (tho a part of me still wants to, as one friend put it, rule the world). yes, virgie, there’s hope in them folk just as there’s gold in them hills.


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