spring! went to gc and the mpl to feed my addictions–coffee and reading–as well as my necessities–bathrooms and people. after supper, watched two docs, one called ‘Raw Opium: Pain, Pleasure, Profits‘ on TVO about opium from afghani fields thru the communist revolution in china and the vietnam war to vancouver streets, with ineffective, american-style politics battling all the way, and the other, ‘Mystery of the Super Flood’, on the CBC News Network, a what-dunit that created the ‘so-called “scablands”,… a vast region of weird terrain 200 miles east of Seattle, including gorges hundreds of feet deep, enormous pits, huge boulders scattered as if dropped by giants, undulating hills that look like huge ripples, strange layers of silt and ash, and a “waterfall” five times wider than Niagara, but without any water.’ i couldn’t survive either, but human addictions abound in both.


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